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Toni Ahlgren

Toni Ahlgren | Cleary Organized
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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

One thing about your belongings: you have to have a place to put them. Without enough shelves, drawers, cubbies, nooks and crannies, file cabinets, rods, boxes and bins, getting organized is difficult. The right storage solutions make your life more simple, streamlined, clutter-free and efficient. Toni designs closets, home offices and garage storage systems to beautify and maximize her clients’ space. Building up the walls is usually the best bet: we most often have more wall space than floor space.

Besides functionality and efficiency, built in closets and storage units can make a significant increase in the value of your home.

We work with an experienced, licensed contractor who specializes in building closets, garage storage, home offices and entertainment systems. His work is excellent, using highest quality materials and hardware and sturdy construction techniques. We don’t need glossy brochures or full-page magazine and newspaper ads, so your project will be very competitively priced with guaranteed results.

Custom Closet Systems


Let Clearly Organized design the perfect closet to accommodate everything you own. A closet with adequate space and proper design can have significant benefits:

  • The ability to see everything you have makes choosing easier and faster.
  • Putting together an outfit is a breeze when you know what you have and actually know where things are.
  • Adequate space means clothes hang properly, allowing them to “breathe” after wearing.
  • With enough space, garments also have enough room to shed wrinkles as they hang.
  • Shoes stay nicer and are not scratched and nicked thrown on top of each other on the floor.
  • Cleaning is easier: with everything off the floor, a quick once over with the vacuum cleaner is all you need to keep the dust down.
Custom Garage Storage System #2


The last frontier… Garages seem to be the last place to get organized. But a garage with adequate storage space can magically “enlarge” the rest of the house…

  • Food and kitchen supplies in a closed cabinet in the garage can allow more space in a kitchen…
  • Paper goods stashed high and dry in the garage will allow more room in pantries, closets and under bathroom sinks…
  • Baby clothes, out-of-season clothing, gowns, tuxedos and sports clothes, stored in a hanging space in the garage, leave extra room in bedroom closets…
  • Toys and books can be stored in the garage, leaving more room in bedrooms and playrooms.
  • Old papers and financial records can be neatly stored high on garage shelves built for this purpose, so the home office can accommodate just current documents. Eliminate bulging file drawers forever!

We can design your garage to store flammable and toxic materials safely, to make order of sports equipment, and to create a work space for repairs or crafts.

home office | before and after

Home Offices

There’s nothing like adequate, clutter-free workspace to increase productivity in the office. Not only will work be easier, but your mind will feel calmer with a clean, clear workspace…

  • Having file drawers close at hand may mean that filing actually gets done! Walking across the room to file or retrieve documents is a time-waster.
  • The fax machine and printer can be placed on pull-out shelves under the counter, thus saving counter space and minimizing visual clutter.
  • A shelf right above the desk, or just to the side of it, can be a really handy place to stash phone books, stapler, pens… Again, keeping the counter clear will keep you efficient.
  • L –shaped desks are a wonderful way to use often wasted space: corners of a room. Usually a computer monitor can sit in the corner