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Toni Ahlgren

Toni Ahlgren | Cleary Organized
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Professional Organizing Services

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  • Paper management:

    A good filing system is key. Making a “home” for everything so everything has a place makes light work of filing and finding what you need. We teach techniques for dealing with mail. We advise clients what to keep (and why) and what can be tossed or put into long term storage. Clearly Organized helps clients let go of the fear of letting go.
  • De-clutter your home or office:

    We help you set up an office, create systems to help you work efficiently.
  • Tax Preparation:

    We’ll help you gather together all those tax documents and provide your tax preparer with just the information and documents they need to proceed efficiently. It is significantly less expensive to pay an organizer than your accountant to organize tax information.
  • Personal assistance:

    Helping many clients on a long-term basis, Toni handles the parts of their lives that they wish to delegate. Visiting once or twice a month, she pays the bills, tracks expenses, gathers information needed for tax returns, manages projects. Anything to make her clients’ lives easier, whether they are at home or away.
  • Computer help:

    Should you need tutoring, lessons in using Quicken, organizing all those files on your computer desktop, managing email—we’re here to help.